Daily Twitter Stats on Airtable / Notion Database

Harsh Makadia 
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Learn how to capture your Twitter stats daily into Notion or Airtable all with zero lines of code.

Details that we will be capture daily

1. Bio

2. Handle Name

3. Name

4. Followers count

5. Following count

6. Tweet count

7. List count

8. Profile Image URL

9. URL

10. Pinned Twitter ID

11. Location Name

12. Date When this data was captured

Create an airtable automation to send you a weekly report   

Why do that?

- You can get a weekly email with all stats as shown below

- You can go back as see how many followers you had at any point of time in the past

- You could export this data and create charts, graphs from Google sheet

- It's a fun side project

- Doing everything with zero lines of code, doesn't this tempt you?

Everything will be done with ZERO lines of code! 🤯

Lifetime access 🥳 🎉

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Daily Twitter Stats on Airtable / Notion Database

8 ratings
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