Twitter Toolkit - Everything you need to know about Twitter Growth Strategies

Harsh Makadia 
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This swipe file is the Ultimate Twitter Toolkit, packed full of strategies that will help you grow your social following.

Growth Strategies:

It includes the curation of some valuable lessons that will help you grow. 

1. Master DM's

2. Learn writing threads

3. Twitter SEO

4. Building Audience

5. Generate Unlimited Content 

6. 30+ Tweet formats 

7. Tweet Ideas

8. Bonus Content ( You will love this )

What worked for me is working for others too.

Tweet Formats:

Tweets can be created in many forms. Having a variety of them is essential if you want to stand out on the wide range of social media networks.

I've curated 30+ tweet formats that have helped me skyrocket my impression and help me boost my engagement rate.  

Here are some examples:

Why do your tweets need to have good formatting?

1. Good formatting makes your content easier to read

2. Formatted posts attract more comments

3. Creates a Good first impression

4. People stop scrolling the feed when they see a well-formatted tweet

5. Standout from the crowd 

This includes actually tweets so you can rephrase them and try them in your niche. 

Tweet Ideas?

Never run out of tweet ideas and generate unlimited tweet ideas.

I grew to 110,000+ with all these lessons 

Lifetime access 🥳 🎉

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You will get a Notion Document packed with strategies that will help you grow.


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Twitter Toolkit - Everything you need to know about Twitter Growth Strategies

29 ratings
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